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Thirsty City Self Guided Tours

Sunday, September 18, 2016, 2 pm – Taylor’s Todmorden Mills at the Don River Fall Line. This walk will search for lost manufactured watercourses – the mill races of the Lower (Todmorden) Mills and Middle Mill, along with other hidden remains of the industrial heritage that shaped the Don River Valley. Meet at Todmorden Mills Museum (67 Pottery Road, just west of Broadview) for a linear walk ending at Beechwood Drive and Broadview. John Wilson, Don River advocate, will lead with help from friends. Public washrooms available at the starting location only. TTC access on Broadview. Paved trails with some uneven ground

Walk and talk with artist Elizabeth Chitty who collaborated with Lost Rivers to create Daylighting Walks and Daylighting

**Daylighting Walks**
Thursday October 13, Saturday October 15 6:30 pm, Sunday October 16 4 pm, Starting from Geary Lane, Walk with me. We are at the western edge of the watershed of a lost river, Garrison Creek. I will tell you something, then we will stroll through the neighbourhood for half an hour in silence. Perhaps we will hear water beneath our feet, on the surface of the concrete, in our bodies or the air. You can tell your thoughts to the microphone. (Audio files generated in the walks may be used in the performance,Daylighting.) Please bring only water in re-fillable bottles to these walks.

**Daylighting** Friday October 21 7:30 pm Shining light on the street surface and conjuring an image of the buried creek to the east, we will provide relief to what lives in the cracks. We will listen to one another thinking about water in the city. We will walk a straight line like the city’s grid, but you can choose to meander like water, which knows what to do.

Interdisciplinarity has been at the core of Elizabeth Chitty’s artistic practice for 41 years. Site, corporeality, temporality and attention to process thread through her work, which addresses being in a body, a place, with others. She creates performances and video and sound installations and lives in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Sunday, October 16, 2016, 2 pm – Gerrard Prairie: Still Intact, but How Long? Three years ago we toured this remnant prairie on the Birch Cliff Quarry lands, scheduled for redevelopment over years of community objection. We’ll see what’s left of wild nature and learn what’s threatened. We’ll learn how this uncommon ecosystem formed and how it has survived cycles of use and neglect. Richard Anderson and John Wilson co-lead. Meet in front of Victoria Park station for a circular walk that includes some uneven, rough ground. Washrooms only available in businesses enroute.

Sunday, November 20. 2016, 2 pm – Autumn of the Lower Don. A linear walk starting at Riverdale Farm (Winchester and Sumach), ending at Daniels Spectrum (Dundas and Sumach), reviewing the evolution along the way. The Bring Back the Don movement wrought significant, transformational change to the landscape and ecology of the Don, Toronto’s central urban river. Intensification of the urban core promises more, in conjunction with global climate change. What is the state on the ground in Autumn 2016? John Wilson, West Don Lands Committee co-chair, leads the walk with friends. —

Plans for walks are constantly being developed. We welcome your suggestions for interesting walks. Maybe you might like to lead a walk. Send your suggestion to: The Streamwalker.

NOTE to leaders of walks who plan to bring their groups to join one of our walks. While we always welcome more people to our walks, it would be appreciated if you would make arrangements with the walk leader well before hand. Adding a significant number of people (eight or more) at the last minute can make it difficult to see that all get the benefit of the walk You can e-mail The Streamwalker and he will attempt to get you in touch with the walk leader so you can make special arrangements.

No charge is made for Lost River Walks. Toronto Green Community and Toronto Field Naturalists provide these and other walks and events as a public service. If you would like to support the work of these organizations, you may join TFN or TGC. Information on joining is provided by walk leaders or you may check their websites: Toronto Field Naturalists or Toronto Green Community.

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